Key visual quick-splint
Custom-fit interim dental splint

QuickSplint® Overnight Oral Appliance

QuickSplint is a custom-fit interim dental splint that can be quickly fabricated in dental practices using VPS impression materials (like our Panasil Putty or Futar). It is the only dental splint designed specifically for short-term use (days to weeks) until a patient's condition is resolved or a full arch splint is provided.

QuickSplint is designed to relax craniofacial muscles, disclude posterior teeth and seat the condyles.




QuickSplint and has numerous practical applications, empowering dentists to provide patients with immediate solutions for protection and pain relief, including:

  • Anterior bite-plane and Deprogrammer for centric relation determination.
  • Transitional oral appliance for trial use or emergency applications.
  • Post-op protection for anterior provisional veneers and other dental restorations, newly placed dental implants, and periodontal surgery.
  • Post-op healing aid for long dental procedures, to help jaw muscles relax and recover to normal function.
  • Diagnostic aid for bruxism, myofascial versus odontogenic pain, and temporomandibular disorders (TMDs.)
  • Same-day treatment for jaw and muscle sprain/strain (JAMSS) injuries.


Designed for immediate, short-term use

Unlike anterior bite plane (ABP) devices that are custom-made by labs and clinicians, QuickSplint is suitable for immediate use and is designed as a transitional, short-term device. QuickSplint saves time and money and can be made chairside by auxiliary staff.

Minimize post-op complications

Provide QuickSplint the day of dental procedures to inhibit overnight parafunctional clenching and prevent possible complications from microtrauma and jaw sprain/strain.

Restorative case planning aid

Simplify deprogramming for centric bite records, diagnose parafunction and engage your patient in the conversation about the possible impact on the restorative case. Protect temporaries and new restorations.

Diagnose and Treat TMD

Provide same-day relief for jaw pain or headache while you determine a definitive care plan. Use QuickSplint in your differential diagnosis of sprain/strain or other conditions of the jaw, joints, and muscles. QuickSplint helps you determine whether oral appliance therapy is beneficial and tolerated. Your patient will notice the difference on night one of the use!