So comfortable is Identium

Identium® Light

Identium® Light is a low-viscosity precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether® that produces incredibly detailed impressions thanks to its high flowability even into the narrowest of sulci and even in extreme situations thanks to its high hydrophilicity.


Identium® combines the benefits of two established impression materials (A silicone and polyether) in perfect harmony. The innovative material class Vinylsiloxanether® is available in high, medium, and low viscosity with normal and fast setting variants for monophase and one-step impressions. This enables all essential impression techniques to be covered with a single material.


Identium® Light is highly recommended for:

  • One-step impressions
  • Reline impressions

Not available in all markets.

Greatest precision

  • Perfect flow even with residual moisture enables the preparation margins to be reliably reproduced along with even the narrowest of sulcus gaps.
  • Thanks to the short intraoral setting time, there is no deformation during the setting phase.

Time saving

  • After just a total of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the impression can be removed from the patient’s mouth (Identium® Light Fast).

More comfortable for user and patient

  • The extra long intraoral working time of 80 seconds (Identium® Light) means that the material can be comfortably applied even with extensive prosthetic restorations.
  • Neutral taste and smell; short intraoral setting time.

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