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Welcome to Kettenbach LP

Our aim is to support dentists with intelligent products all along the treatment path. In the fields of both, dental impression and restoration, we have provided the basis for efficient processes and successful treatment in dental practices. Leading products such as Panasil®, Silginat®, Identium® and Futar®, complemented by innovative restorative materials including the Visalys® family, preventive product Profisil® fluoride varnish and TMD products Airway Metrics and QuickSplint, have lined up for making dental professionals’ working lives easier.

It is our objective and our passion for us to understand practice team needs and then to meet those needs, now and in the future.

Company profile

Kettenbach is an internationally positioned and well established company which for decades has attracted attention in the dental sector thanks to its inventions and product innovations. The foundations for efficient processes and successful treatment in dental practices have been established in the segments of dental impressions and restoration. Simply intelligent.

Market‐leading products such as Panasil® and Futar®, supplemented by the in‐house development of innovative materials such as Identium®, have long simplified the day‐to‐day work of dentists. Product innovations in the area of restorations have also been added: for temporary and permanent restorations the Visalys® product line is synonymous with quality at the highest level.