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Futar® D Slow

Futar® D Slow is an injectable elastomeric A silicone for bite registration with an extra high final hardness and an extra long working time.


The Futar® family of products includes 6 injectable elastomeric materials for bite registration to create precise impressions of the occlusal situation. All the materials are A silicones and are impressive thanks to their high final hardness and high level of comfort. The Futar® family has a bite registration material suitable for every requirement with the right final hardness and working time.


Futar® D Slow is highly recommended for:

  • Bite registration (time consuming)
  • Myocentric bite registration
  • Functional margin contouring

Futar® D Slow is recommended for:

  • Bite registration (full dental arch)
  • Registration (general)
  • Registration in orthodontics

Not available in all markets.


  • The extra high final hardness (Shore D 43) prevents springing when aligning the models in the laboratory.

Easy to work with

  • Easy to handle in the 1:1 cartridge (50 mL) and easy to process with a bur.


  • Highly thixotropic so it does not flow away into the interdental spaces but remains stable on the tooth.

Wide range of possible uses

  • With a 90-second working time, Futar® D Slow ensures plenty of time for myocentric bite registration, custom margin contouring, for use as an insulating agent or fixation material combined with other A silicones in implant dentistry or anywhere where a particularly hard A silicone is used in the clinic or laboratory.

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