so inspiring is Kettenbach Dental


Electrical dispensing and mixing system for automatic mixing of impression materials in the Kettenbach Plug & Press® system and related systems in a mixing ratio of 5:1 (impression materials in foil bags or jumbo cartridges).


Not available in all markets.

Precise and homogeneous dispensing

  • Bubble-free mixing for precise impression results.
  • Precise dispensing of the required quantity of material: just the material that’s needed.

Hygienic and reproducible

  • Standardized dispensing and mixing at the touch of a button, independent of the operator.
  • Simple and hygienic with electronic processes replacing manual operation.

Adjustable extrusion speed

  • Automated advance/withdrawal.
  • Different extrusion speeds for trays or syringe filling.

Guaranteed reliable technology

  • Simple and safe operation.
  • Device is based on the latest state of the art with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.