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Futar® Clear Fast

Futar Clear Fast is a particularly fast setting, addition-curing bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane. The water-clear transparency of Futar Clear Fast enables direct visual control of the correct bite.
With a working time of 15 seconds and an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds dentist only needs 1 minute to create a high-quality bite registration.

Futar Clear Fast

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Bite registration


Futar Clear Fast, the newest member of the established Futar family, is characterized by it´s water-clear transparency and gives you the opportunity of a direct visual control of the correct bite. Fast setting for even more patient comfort!

Product advantages
  • Water-clear transparency
  • Extra quick working time of 15 seconds, extra short intraoral setting time of 45 seconds
  • High thixotropy and flowability, no bite resistance
  • Comfortable final hardness (Shore A 62)
  • 1:1 dosage in the well-known 50-ml cartridge
Benefits for the dentist
  • Enables direct visual control of the correct bite
  • Minimal time required, reduced risk of distortion during intraoral setting; more comfortable for the patient
  • Does not flow into the interdental spaces; easy removal from the mouth
  • No fracture-risk
  • Ensures easy handling and maximum precision

New 50 mL cartridge system

So economic. So safe. So easy.

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