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Applyfix Dispensing Guns

Applyfix are manual dispensing guns and syringes for dosing and applying modern impression materials. The plastic products can be easily disinfected to satisfy the most stringent hygiene requirements and have a compact ergonomic design, making them easy and efficient to use.


Not available in all markets.

Applyfix 4

  • Plastic dispensing gun for 50 ml cartridges with a 1:1/2:1 ratio. Suitable for: Identium®, Panasil®, Futar® and Mucopren® Soft.

Applyfix 6

  • Plastic dispensing gun for 50 ml cartridges with a 4:1/10:1 ratio. Suitable for: Visalys® Temp.

Applyfix 8

  • Plastic dispensing gun for 25 ml cartridges with a 1:1/2:1 ratio. Suitable for: Visalys® Core.