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So precise is Panasil®
Precise with no compromises

Panasil® tray Heavy

Panasil tray is a high-viscosity, stiff Heavy body based on A silicone for precision impressions available in the 5:1 jumbo cartridge. The two versions, Panasil tray Fast Heavy and Panasil tray Soft Heavy, precisely cover the techniques for two-step or double-mix impressions.

Panasil tray Heavy

Products are suitable for:

Products are suitable for:

Panasil tray Fast Heavy

Two-step impressions

Panasil tray Soft Heavy 

Double-mix impressions


Precise with no compromises, that’s what Panasil stands for.
Both high-viscosity materials form an exceptional base during tray filling for two-step impressions. Whether double-mix or two-step impressions, the benefits of the tray versions are easy to see.

Simple processing
  • Consistent quality thanks to exact, reproducible dosage from the convenient Jumbo cartridge
Reliability thanks to precision
  • High dynamic pressure
  • Dimensionally stable recovery
  • Good trimming properties of the tray Fast Heavy material, making it also suitable for two-step impressions
  • tray Fast Heavy—short intraoral setting time (end of setting 3:20 min),
    high final hardness (Shore A 62)
    Highly recommended for: Two-step impressions
  • tray Soft Heavy—reduced final hardness (Shore A 55) for even easier removal from the mouth
    Highly recommended for: Double-mix impressions

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