The New Visalys® Fill & Visalys® Flow Filling Composites Enable simple Shade Selection

The innovative Flex Shade System renders this possible

The Visalys® family of composite products from Kettenbach Dental is now undergoing high-quality and innovative expansion: March 22 marks the official sales launch of Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow—the two new nano-hybrid filling materials for all filling classes. The special highlight is the exceptional Flex Shade System with which the two new filling composites cover the entire VITA shade scale with just five shades. The outstanding strength of the new products even after loading and their impressive shade stability round off the characteristics.

For all (filling) situations

Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow are two light-curing radiopaque nano-hybrid filling composites launched by Kettenbach Dental for use with Class I to VI fillings. Visalys® Fill is very easy to model, pleasant to handle, and does not stick to the tool. Visalys® Flow strikes the optimum balance between flow properties and stability and is also suitable for anterior and posterior restorations. The low viscosity of Visalys® Flow allows very good wetting and adaptation to cavity walls.

Simple shade matching

The newly developed Flex Shade System comprising the two filling composites—Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow—with the pronounced chameleon effect and just five shades (A1–A4), covering the entire VITA classical A1–D4 shade scale. In addition, the Bleach shade is offered for particularly bright teeth, as well as an OA2 opaque shade to conceal discolored substrates. The user can easily and quickly determine the right tooth shade without having to stock an extremely wide range or make esthetic compromises.

Modern materials for durable fillings

The two new filling composites from the Visalys® family excel with their first-grade mechanical properties and durable high stability. Thanks to their extremely high inorganic filler content and resulting high flexural strength, Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow ensure long-lasting preservation of shape and esthetics. The very low moisture uptake results in only minimal discoloration.

These attributes make the two new Visalys® filling composites perfect for all cavities and provide the ideal prerequisites for flawless performance. The pronounced chameleon effect of the Flex Shade System facilitates shade selection with ideal esthetics. The outcome is long-lasting, esthetic fillings that benefit both the practice and the patient.