Impression and bite registration materials Identium® & Futar® were able to convince US testers

Impressive properties and handling

With its products and near to 80 years of experience in the dental market, Kettenbach Dental has had a significant influence on dentistry. A guiding principle in the development f. e. of its impression materials is to simplify daily work in the dental practice and to ensure reliably good results. And this is exactly what the specialists at “Dental Product Shopper” confirm—they evaluated two of Kettenbach Dental’s products, Futar®, an easy-to-apply a-silicon bite registration material, and Identium®, a precision impression material, which combines the best features of A-silicone and polyether materials. Both products get best results.

The US “Dental Product Shopper” review publication regularly has experienced dentists test established and new dental products for their clinical suitability. Kettenbach Dental’s products—Identium and Futar—were recently put through their paces. The two dental materials, Identium for precision impressions and Futar for bite registrations, impressed testers with their easy handling and high precision in particular. For the dentists, their outstanding material properties make them the first choice for daily use.

With the best of both worlds: Identium®

Identium® is a precision impression material developed especially for monophase impression techniques. The highlight is the combination of two well known materials: A-silicone and Polyether, by including their specific advantages. And it works, like Dr. Marvin A. Fier, a US dentist, reported for the “Dental Product Shopper”, pointed out. For him Idenitum is his top choice precision impression material, because he finds a viscosity and setting time for just about any restorative scenario in the product family. Identium wets a tooth very well and captures gingival margins clearly and the margins in the impression still come out free of bubbles. “Identium releases from the mouth easily and stays intact during removal. Perhaps most importantly, Identium is a very accurate impression material”, he says. “The restorations fit extremely well, and remakes are rare. I’ve also never heard a complaint from a patient about the taste of Identium.”

Rigid, Yet Easy to Trim

Dr. Michael J Melkers, a US dentist, also reporting for the “Dental Product Shopper”,

is using Futar®, a worldwide well-known bite registration material from Kettenbach Dental. “I wanted a rigid material that would give me accurate, firm, and stable bite

registrations, yet I also needed the material to trim easily without breaking.”, he wrote in the last reporting for the “Dental Product Shopper”. And that`s what he gets with Futar®—this tricky requirement combination and much more.

Dr. Melkers is using Futar® Easy and Futar® Easy Fast, the latest bite registration materials to join the Futar® product family. Both offer a high final hardness of Shore-A 90 for minimal compression when mounting models in the lab, while also offering a material that’s flexible to process and easily trimmable with a scalpel. Because of the high thixotropy, Futar® Easy and Futar® Easy Fast won’t flow away from interdental spaces and will remain stable on the tooth
“After I was introduced to Futar® Easy Fast, I really felt like I had found the material

that is almost a one-stop shop for me,” Dr. Melkers shared in the report of Dental Product Shopper. “It has a faster setting time, along with the rigidity, while also providing flexibility, accuracy, and stability.”

Products developed very close to the market

Quality and innovation prevail, as these two US dentists and their assessment for Identium® and Futar® proves: Kettenbach Dental has been on a mission to create dental materials that offer the ideal balance of strength and simplicity. That commitment is evident in its ever-expanding families of impression and

bite registration materials like Identium and Futar, with superior handling and ability to create precise impressions in a variety of cases.