Impressive product quality for the best results

Something for Kettenbach Dental to be proud of: Five products from the mid-sized company’s portfolio have just been awarded once again. The leading research publication from the USA, The Dental Advisor, regularly awards the highest quality materials used in dentistry, and Kettenbach Dental products have once again impressed the experts. Visalys® CemCore has now joined the ranks of awarded products.

The experts from The Dental Advisor test dental products and their properties and evaluate them across a number of categories. Four products from Kettenbach Dental once again impressed the experts with another material included for the first time:

TOP Award 2022 Bite registration: Futar® Fast, the bite registration material from the successful Futar® family, scores extra points with high final hardness and a very fast setting characteristic.

TOP Award 2022 Core build-up material: Visalys® Core is a dual-curing material for core build-up and cementing root posts with unique Active-Connect-Technology.

TOP Award 2022 Temporary restoration material: Visalys® Temp produces temporary restorations that are particularly stable and fracture-resistant for the long term thanks to its high level of hardness.

Preferred Product 2022 Impression material: Panasil®, the precision impression material, is a modern classic and it provides an ideal tray and correction material for every indication and technique.

Preferred Product 2022 Adhesive cement: Visalys® CemCore, the adhesive cementation composite that enables easy and reliable cementation of all dental restorations with no exceptions.

Unique quality, easy and safe handling, and benefits for the dentist are the main focus of Kettenbach Dental products. So it’s no wonder that they achieve international acclaim such as the awards given by Dental Advisor from the USA.