The new filling materials Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow are proving themselves in routine clinical use

The trend in dentistry of simplifying workflows in the clinic continues unabated and makes sense if it can be done with no loss in quality. This requires innovative solutions, something Kettenbach Dental is renowned for.

For all (filling) situations

Late last year Kettenbach Dental added Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow to its range of products. Both products are light-curing radiopaque nano-hybrid filling composites that can be used for all class I to VI fillings. The new filling composites Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow are now becoming established in routine clinical use as demonstrated by the first publications of clinical applications.

Clinically proven high quality

Particularly in the posterior region, the use of a single shade is perfectly adequate in most cases, as was impressively confirmed in a case report titled “A simplified approach for multiple class II composite restorations” recently published by Dr. Elio Boschetti. Combining the flowable Visalys® Flow with the good modeling consistency of Visalys® Fill achieves excellent results when building up proximal marginal ridges, for example, by preventing bubbles and gaps between the enamel and restoration. The self-leveling property of Visalys® Flow makes it ideal as a liner beneath the actual filling to ensure optimal marginal sealing. Visalys® Fill, which enables easy and precise modeling thanks to minimal adhesion to the instrument, can be easily polished to a high gloss, while its chameleon effect means it adapts to the tooth shade very well, integrating the restoration seamlessly into the remaining tooth.

The new composites from Kettenbach Dental are also suitable for highly esthetic anterior restorations. In the clinical report “Esthetic completion of the smile with a class V composite restoration,” Dr. Elio Boschetti demonstrates the improvement in the esthetics of a single anterior tooth. Dr. Riccardo Perpetuini combines Visalys® with a transparent enamel mass to achieve an optimal result for special effects, as can be read in the report “Esthetic restoration of a broken tooth.”

Modern materials for long-lasting fillings

These attributes make the two new Visalys® filling composites perfect for all cavities and provide the best conditions for a flawless performance. The results are long-lived esthetic fillings with a simplified workflow in the dental clinic.