Can you do that any smarter?

Our researchers and developers at Kettenbach Dental do not rest until it is as perfect as your claim. This has been driving us to above-average innovations for 75 years - such as Panasil®, Identium®, Futar® and Visalys®. With the product innovations "Made in Germany" we want to make your everyday work easier - it's that simple!


Impressive product quality for the best results

Four awards from The Dental Advisor – Kettenbach products show their strengths

Eschenburg, March 29, 2018 – The leading research publication from the…

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Identium®ensures greater patient comfort in the one-stage impression technique

Vinylsiloxanether® makes it possible

Reliable determination of the preparation margins, perfect flow even with residual moisture, easy removal from…

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A silicones from Kettenbach are impressive

A silicones from Kettenbach are impressive


35 years of Panasil

This year we celebrate 35 years since the launch of Panasil®, the first A silicone…

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A selection of our best Products

For over 70 years we have been thinking progress.
With every new development.


Panasil® initial contact is a low-viscosity impression material based on a silicone with a particularly high initial hydrophilicity for precision impression technique.


New Futar® Cut & Trim Fast is a fast-set syringeable elastomeric A silicone for bite registration with an extra high final hardness.


Identium® Medium is a medium-viscosity monophase precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether® that is particularly well suited to implant impressions thanks to its very high final hardness.

The new product catalogue for 2019

Kettenbach Dental attaches great importance to providing optimum answers to dental requirements.
With innovative products made in Germany that provide safety with regard to application and treatment success. On the one hand uncomplicated standard products, universally and flexibly applicable; on the other hand special solutions for highest perfection.

Every Kettenbach dental product combines practical qualities - progressive and experienced, durable and stable, reliable and trustworthy.

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