so stable is Visalys Core

Visalys® Core

Visalys® Core is a dual-curing, radiopaque, fluoride-containing material for core build-up and cementing root posts with a unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT).



Visalys® Core is highly recommended for:

  • Core build-up
  • Root post cementation

Not available in all markets.

Reliable adhesive bond for durable restorations

  • The unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) provides a reliable adhesive bond even with light-curing single-step adhesives. Visalys® Core adheres exceptionally well to light-curing or dual-curing single-stage or multi-stage adhesives – you can still use your preferred adhesive.
  • Superstructures with Visalys® Core are strong in compression and stable and form a reliable monoblock with root post and Core build-up.

Success even in difficult situations

  • Visalys® Core is dual-curing, ensuring that superstructures are solid even in sites with no light access.

Two indications, one material

  • For Core build-up and root post cementation.

Makes work easier

  • Visalys® Core can be easily applied directly into the cavity with minimal application force.
  • Visalys® Core flows easily into the root canal but for core build-up still has excellent stability and can be easily modeled – also without matrices.
  • Visalys® Core is precise and can be ground similar to dentin. Light curing in only 20 seconds.

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