So 2 in 1 is Visalys Cemcore

Visalys® CemCore

Visalys® CemCore is a dual-curing, adhesive cementation and core build-up material. The unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) provides an optimized adhesive bond and at the same time Visalys® CemCore has outstanding stability thanks to the special network former, even without matrices.



Visalys® CemCore is highly recommended for:

  • Fixation
  • Core build-up

Not available in all markets.

2 in 1:

1 product, 2 indications

  • For cementation of all restorations, even in the highly esthetic anterior region
  • For core build-ups, also in difficult situations.

Permanently strong adhesive bond and reliable core build-up

  • Despite the hydrophobicity required for a core build-up material, the unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) with the integrated phase-transfer catalyst ensures a permanently strong adhesive bond.
  • Special network formers provide Visalys® CemCore with high stability for core build-ups while at the same time very good flowability when positioning the restoration.

Effortless work

  • Visalys® CemCore is dual-curing, ensuring reliable curing even in sites with no light access.
  • Core build-ups are problem free, even without matrices.
  • Flows during cementation to form a thin layer under the restoration and any excess can be easily removed thanks to the fine control of the initial light curing.
  • Visalys® CemCore has a higher radiopacity than enamel and dentin and is thus easily visible.
  • And of course, free of bisphenol A.

Product videos

Visalys CemCore: Cementation Step by Step

Visalys CemCore Cementation & Core build-up