Identium®ensures greater patient comfort in the one-stage impression technique

Vinylsiloxanether® makes it possible

Reliable determination of the preparation margins, perfect flow even with residual moisture, easy removal from the mouth, and most of all satisfied patients – that is what every dentist wants from precision impression technique.

Identium® meets all of these needs: The precision impression material from Kettenbach was specifically developed for the one-stage impression technique and fits seamlessly into the practice workflow. It is a Vinylsiloxanether®, making it particularly hydrophilic, exceptionally well flowing, has outstanding elastic recovery, has a neutral smell and taste, and scores bonus points for a particularly short intraoral setting time of only 2½ minutes.

This promises the dentist easy removal from the mouth and the model, a highly precise representation of the preparation margins, and therefore an optimal final restoration. In the end, both the dentist and the patient are satisfied.

Whether inlay, crown, implant impression, or prosthesis—Identium® is a system that can cope with all these tasks. Identium® is available in three different consistencies: As heavy, medium, and light body, and with normal and fast setting variants for monophasic and double-mix impressions. More information about Identium® is available at or by contacting us 877-532-2123.

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