Bite registration material has been playing in the premier league for two decades

Quality pays off:  Futar®, the bite registration material from Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG, has been the market leader in its segment for 20 years now (according to GfK)! A truly exceptional anniversary that impressively highlights the outstanding quality of Futar®. By clearly focusing on user benefits, maintaining high product quality and constantly developing and integrating innovations: That’s how you become number one. And stay there.

WANTED: Pioneer Futar® users
Futar® has been the market leader in Germany (according to GfK) uninterrupted for 20 years now. This is also to the credit of Futar® users. For this reason, Kettenbach would like to get to know these pioneering users and thank them for their many years of loyalty.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, Kettenbach has a special offer: an anniversary pack containing 20 cartridges as an extra offer available under special conditions throughout 2017. You can read more at the above website or by calling +49 2774 70599.

The bite registration materials in the Futar® family have made a good name for themselves across the world as premium products in the dental sector.
More comfortable, faster and harder – Futar® has surpassed its competitor products as a quick-setting, addition-curing bite registration material based on A silicone. Just two years after its development in 1994, Futar® achieved market leadership in Germany – and has successfully defended its position ever since.
Starting with Futar®, several variants have been added over the years. The family now includes the products

•    Futar® und Futar® Fast
•    Futar® D, Futar® D Fast and Futar® D Slow
•    Futar® Cut & Trim Fast

Whether users are after a particularly short intra-oral setting time, extra long or extra short working time, extremely high final hardness or a material that can be scanned for CAD/CAM application, milled or cut with a scalpel – the Futar® product family has the right bite registration material to meet every need. For the dentist this means:

•    Highly precise registrations that are storage stable and safe to transport
•    Easy removal from the mouth, easy working
•    Highly thixotropic, stable on the dentition
•    No spring back when placing the model
•    Less stress for patients because less time is required

QUALITY today and tomorrow
Kettenbach will continue to stay true to its successful principle by clearly focusing on user benefits, maintaining high product quality and constantly developing and integrating innovations. Users of Futar® can rely on that.