A silicones from Kettenbach are impressive


This year we celebrate 35 years since the launch of Panasil®, the first A silicone from Kettenbach. Panasil® was launched in 1982 as the first product in a new generation of precision impression materials. This date marks the birth of a highly successful and innovative family that now includes 15 products all precisely tailored to satisfy customer needs in dental and oral medicine.

With the introduction of Panasil® Putty in 1982, Kettenbach, based in Eschenburg in Hesse, launched the era of new addition-cured silicones for producing premium prosthetic restorations. This was a technologically innovative leap, one which still enables new and expanded applications for precise and dimensionally stable impressions for users and patients. Encouraged by the rapid success of Panasil® Putty, development work with the new material vinyl polysiloxane was continued to produce refined and improved application technologies. One of the outstanding results of this development strategy was Panasil® Cartridge Light Body, which was introduced in 1988 and was the first German cartridge material offering users exceptional ease of handling. Until then, many clinics were still mixing from the tube. Today cartridge materials are a part of the identity of a modern dental practice.

With Panasil® contact and Panasil® contact plus, the first correction material with a flexible total working time and a constant intra-oral setting time, the Panasil® family quickly became a market leader in the area of A silicones. In 2002 Panasil® binetics putty was introduced, the first true putty that can be processed in automated dosing and mixing systems thanks to its fundamentally simplified handling. The latest pinnacle in the development of this range is the low-viscosity correction material Panasil® initial contact which improves even further on the application benefits of Panasil® thanks to its pronounced initial hydrophilicity.

After 35 years of systematic research and development work in the area of A silicones, Kettenbach is still on the cutting edge and has earnt a solid reputation among dentists as a result.

Kettenbach will continue to provide innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of oral and dental medicine to ensure that the justifiably high expectations of patients and users are always being satisfied. This is the only way to successfully keep a product family like Panasil® at the peak of development for over 35 years in the short-lived world of modern medical technology.