Identium – systematically better

Kettenbach is once again at the cutting edge: all products that use the 50 mL cartridge are switching to an innovative and efficient system.

Identium in action

We are showcasing our products with the new cartridge system in a video. Start the clip!

Your benefits

The pioneering new cartridge system means you get even more out of Identium.

So economic. So safe. So easy.

Work even more safely and economically when taking precision impressions with Identium – simply intelligent.

Sooo Comfortable is Identium

Simply easier

Your benefits for precise impressions

  • excellent flowability
  • wellbalance setting times
  • easy removal from the partients mouth

For use with indications that require one-step impressions

  • Monophase impression
  • Double-mix impressions
  • Fixation impressions
  • Implant impression

Which mixer for which product?

mixing tip red, Ø 4.0mm

Any more questions?