New 50 mL cartridge system 

Continue to rely on our quality products “Made in Germany” and get more out of your Panasil® , Identium®, Futar® and Silginat® products  resulting to the new 50 mL cartridge system.

Experience the ADVANTAGES of the new 50 mL cartridge system with your product!

  • Benefit from up to 20 % less residual amount in the blue mixing tip.*
  • Immediately start applying the material: no discarding, no waste.**
  • Unique color coding: 
    no confusion with other mixing systems
  • Tamper-evident closure ensures confidence in the material
  • Positioning aid:
    easy attachment and better fit of the mixing tip

*Compared the previous green mixing tip (Ø 6.5mm) **Except Futar D/ Futar D Fast/ Futar D Slow